Friday, May 23, 2008

I Love Emacs

I bought a new laptop last week, and when migrating my data over from the old one, I did realize that information vital to manage my stuff (like time and money and projects and stuff) is scattered around in so many places (Outlook, plain text files, ToDoList, AceMoney, various timesheets in Excel, etc) that it's starting to look unprofessional. :-)
I must admit that I was content with AceMoney, but my project/time-tracking system was what bothered me:
- Use a ToDoList to decompose my projects to a tree of tasks.
- Track my project-time in a Word table (I know it's cheesy, but Word let's you enter current time very quick)
- Cross-reference ToDoList's autogenerated ID's with Word's table
- Report with a little WinForms program, using AntiWord to extract the Word table.
Boy, there's a whole lot of dependencies there, and a whole lot of clumsyness, but well, that's what I got used to.
And that's all past now, because I've found out about Emacs's Org Mode and I'm the happiest person alive to do organize *ALL* my stuff and clock my time with it.

Plus, becoming the Emacs-enthusiast I always only hoped I would become, I'm even migrating my personal accounting from AceMoney to Ledger which has an Emacs mode.

I must say again, that I was content with AceMoney itself, and I think it's a very handy and clean application. For personal finance, it's far better I my book than jGnash or GnuCash, BUT Ledger is the ultimate lean-and-mean solution for you if you live by "less dependencies and more openness the better"-code. And I think you should.

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Alexander said...

Hi! I'm Alex from MechCAD Software, we are the people behind AceMoney. Adding Emacs compatible mode to AceMoney sounds like a very exciting project for us! Could you please drop us a line or two with your requirements to Thanks!