Monday, June 9, 2008

UI design for programmers

I've long been wanting to read User Interface Desing For Programmers by Joel Spolsky. Which is absolutely positively a must-read for every developer who is concerned about developing great user interfaces. Start by learning that "great" == "highly usable" not "bells and whistles all over the place".

The only issue I had with the book was that somehow I thought it indicates that copying an already estabilished design could do you more good than trying to invent something really cool. The notable example here is the Microsoft Office user interface which is the product of hundreds thousand dollars of careful design and usability screening at Microsoft, which magically justifies of Office UI as great. While this might be true, I really don't want people to believe that The One Microsoft Way is always the great way, because Microsoft employees are people too and they can produce shitty user interaction design too.

Anyways, UIDfP is a great book, and if you're interested even more in UI design, then you should definitely also read About Face too.

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