Monday, December 14, 2009

From Bully to Bitch

I'm not easily disgusted by plagarism, but Microsoft China blatantly stealing the IP of another company takes me far far down rodeo drive.

I'm not really into IP law, don't even give too much credit to it. Don't even think you can really enforce it. I mean come on. Whatever's reproducible will be reproduced, that's what life is all about, and software is an easy prey in this territory.

I don't even care about Microsoft getting some slashdot-love again, though I really hope this story would generate more buzz than usual!

And I wouldn't even want to be a bitch about acts of stealing, because different societies have different standards and ways on identifying and punishing it.

But come on. Big guys stealing from the little guys on the open street in the darned daylight? That's like unacceptable no matter what, right?