Sunday, May 4, 2008

Know (not) One Editor

I've just started to read the original Pragmatic Programmer book (talk about late-adopting, when did it just came out? last decade??) and there truly is some clever stuff therein. But the nitpicker I am, I've immedieately found something I don't really agree with: the One Editor Tip (#22) The authors say they think is better to know one editor very well, and use it for all editing tasks, which I personally don't think is too clever. At least for me. Because you already know that I Love Emacs, you should also know that every tool has it's place and I don't really want to give up Eclipse's or Visual Studio's services so well tailored to Java/C#. Pragmatic Programmer comes up with this very contrived example, where they indicate that being able to alphabetically sort import statements automatically is a major programmer productivity booster. Give me a break. Use Emacs to organizer your life but use a Java IDE that understands your code, refactors it, generates stubs for you, and such.

Of course I'm just totally mean here, because back in '99 Eclipse and VS weren't even conceived. What I really wanted to point out was, that the more advanced technology becomes, the more specialized knowledge you have to embrace. Back in the days, you were wicked cool with Emacs as an IDE. Nowadays you should switch if you want to avoid unneeded complexity when working with enterprise(y) stuff. And you better know some nano/joe/vi cause it's damn sure not all of your clients will have emacs installed on their machine you have to quickfix *now*

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