Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why 3-tier is easier than 2-tier?

I really hate webapps. I'm not talking about fun and hip things like JRuby on Rails or (more) exotic and interesting things like Seaside. Pure "enterprise" pretty-graphical-decorations-over-a-relational-database class of stuff makes me cringe really. It's repetitive, unexciting, dull. I hate the way AJAX tries to reinvent the wheel, by relaying logic to the client, once again. More on this later.
There is one strong benefit on theserverside tho: web architecture forces you to use some kind of layering. However good you might be in mingling presentation logic with business logic, you will be always given contextual boundaries between the DB the webserver and your client. You can't just grab something from a backend, parse it into an object, and drag it around your 2-tier app as long as the user turns off her machine before Winter Holidays. Endulging yourself into saving a few hours by not caring about immutability, proper encapsulation et al. Not good.
Take your webdeveloper hat and present users a real interface.

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