Saturday, December 8, 2007


Hi everybody. My name is... Umm. Nevermind. I'm In-House Developer #342 (out of 900) at ABigCompany Inc., or maybe just Developer #1 (out of 1) at StillBornStartup Co., nevermind.
I'm the bottom 99.9801% and proud of it. Well, not really. Do I represent a population? Maybe. We're the ones who get their hands dirty, because we are tied to clumsy technologies, struggle with dated software, fight bad managing decisions, dump through ex-coworkers' shitty code every day, and still we get the job done. And we admire the big guys, 'cause boy, they're oh so exciting to read. And we don't even have time to consider beating the averages, 'cause you know, we are them.
But still, we get the job done, and sometimes it feels like we have some bragging rights, too.
Or sometimes we just must take a quick note, and publish it.
And this is perfectly my duty here, to put us on the map --
-- You're welcome.

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