Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud is to be seen drifting by. There has been a lot of buzz about clouds in general and about Microsoft's upcoming cloud strategies (see this very neat overview) Of course lot of these conversations have been vague, which is understandable in light of MS being very quiet about technical details regarding the Cloud. I mean, Their Cloud, because it very well seems like they're coming late to the game just to try and pull an IBM on the other players -- which I think would come together for them very nicely.
Why do I think so?
Well. Coupla months into the PDC and David Chappell comes up with a Clouding Platforms Paper and it finally makes sense. MS is going to give a flying damn about cloud services. They're building a platform, baby. You see? What's better than locking you into a development environment than ultimately locking you into a deployment environment? Hell, they may even give away free cookies, developer-developer-developer t-shirts and "Microsoft Patterns and Practices" handouts, oh just come and run your application straight on their infrastructure.
And oh why, they're pushing DLR like crazy which would make enterprise development even more opaque: expect hardcore rubysts go crazy when their code is ultimately put into the same appdomain with some cheesy vb.net code -- and communicating.

Nevertheless. I guess I've never been looking forward this much to the PDC (if ever) -- mainly because Raymond Chen and secondly because of the unveiling of the MS cloud stuff.

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